Rebecca Gouldson

Metal Art:

These etched metal wall pieces are made from a variety of metals, including copper, brass, gilding metal and zinc.

I use etching techniques more commonly used by printmakers to transfer this imagery into metal, along with other techniques such as stamping, rolling, scribing, plating, and chemical patination , which all create distinct qualities of mark, texture and colour.

My starting point in developing a new body of work is to use drawing, printmaking and photography to explore a particular theme or place.

The imagery on the surface of the metal is sometimes ambiguous, or else uses visual cues to create subtle narratives, leaving the viewer open to interpret the piece. The site specific pieces use more recognisable imagery, which connect to a particular place. My influences range from aerial views of the rural landscape, detailing the patterns of hedgerows in farmland, to the weathered and time- worn surfaces of buildings.

Pieces range from one-offs to limited edition and made to order. Prices from £240.

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"Forming a circle from an arc of zinc and an arc of copper, joined axially. The surfaces of these two metals are etched with the techniques of intaglio printing, whether in the graceful complexity of line or the burnished scoring as if with a paint brush. These perfect circle wall hangings are an extraordinary work, scratched, scraped and waiting, just waiting, for the changing effects of age, elegantly created for the long away and manifesting future by Rebecca Gouldson from England."

Anthony Bannon is director of The Burchfield Penney Art Center at SUNY Buffalo State. He previously was the art critic for The Buffalo News and the longtime director of George Eastman House, the International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, New York.